Multidisciplinary team with 9 professors

Prof. Rangan Banerjee is the Forbes Marshall Chair Professor in the DESE. He is a member of the TIFAC Technology Vision 2035. He was a member of the Working Group on New and Renewable Energy for the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012-17).

Prof. Rangan Banerjee
HOD, Energy Science & Engineering

Prof. Arnab Jana is an Architect and is an Assistant Professor in Center for Urban Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay. He is Specialized in Urban engineering and Infrastructure advisory, Public policy, Healthcare planning and policy, Real estate advisory and consulting, Econometric modeling, Statistical modeling, Behavioral studies.

Prof. Arnab Jana
CUSE, IIT Bombay

Prof. M. V. Rane is a leading researcher in the field of HVAC and solar thermal application in cooling and heating. He received the Bry-Air Awards for Excellence in HVAC&R. 12 Patents signed by him through IIT Bombay have been granted.

Prof. Milind Rane
Heat Pump Lab, IIT Bombay

Prof.Ronita Bardhan is a professor in CUSE department. She has been awarded the fellowship for "Building Energy Efficiency Higher & Advanced Network (BHAVAN)" by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, and the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum(IUSSTF).

Prof. Ronita Bardhan
Centre for Urban Science & Engineering

Prof. Shankar Krishnan was a Thermal Engineer and Thermal Team Lead for High Performance Computing Product Engineering team at the Intel Corporation. He was employed at Bell Labs Ireland - Alcatel-Lucent and at Battelle/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory. He has 14 international patents either filed or issued.

Prof. Shankar Krishnan
Mechanical, IIT Bombay

Prof. Sriniwas Seethamraju is a professor in DESE. His research interest includes development of sustainable material, waste to energy and renewables. Work as postdoctoral research assistant at MIT Energy Initiative, MIT, Cambridge, USA

Prof. Sriniwas Seethamraju
Energy Science and engineering, IIT Bombay

Prof. Suneet Singh is acting as a sponsor faculty supervisor. Mr. Singh was a key member in our last participation at SDE 2014. This time also he will involve in planning and execution of sponsorship strategies.

Prof. Suneet Singh
Energy Science and engineering, IIT Bombay

Prof. Venkat Santosh Kumar is assistant Professor in department of civil engineering in IIT Bombay and his research interests focus on wide range of issue in construction and infrastructure project management.

Prof. Venkat Santosh Kumar
CIVIl, IIT Bombay

Prof. Zakir Hussain Rather is the professor in DESE. His research focus is on integration of renewable energy sources and the challenges introduced by such variable renewables, with main goal of achieving a reliable, secure and sustainable power system.

Prof. Zakir Hussain Rather
Energy Science and engineering, IIT Bombay


Multidisciplinary team with 65+ students

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