Green Building Workshop

TEAM SHUNYA presents a Green Building Design Workshop, with the aim to create awareness of sustainable housing. It would be conducted by Mr Jiten Prajapati, a well known architect for green buildings

Buildings use energy, materials, water, and land to create the right environment for its occupants. All of these things cost money – and all of them have an environmental impact. To design high performance buildings, you need to set concrete goals and follow a systematic design process. Along the way you’ll need to optimize for both resource use and human comfort. It is the need of the hour to discuss such crucial topics as climate change and environment. Energy use is the largest environmental impact, and Net Zero Energy is an increasingly popular design goal.

A green building is essentially a building which is designed bio-climatically, consuming less water, optimizing energy efficiency, using recycled/renewable materials, generating less waste, both during construction/post construction and providing safe and healthy living space for its residents. Built with an intention to protect the environment by using non-toxic materials like solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater harvesting systems, composting systems etc. green buildings are said to help in energy conservation.


Date : 23rd Oct, 2016
Timings : 11AM- 3:30PM
It is a Free Workshop and Open to all Engineering and Architecture Students.
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Contact : Animesh Srivastava
                  (+91 9029272736)

We had a successful workshop, hope you have learnt the basics of green buildings. We would be conducting more workshops soon.So stay tuned. Photos of the event can be seen below.