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About Us

Who are we?

"Passionate young engineering and architecture students". Key factors established: passion, seriousness, power of the youth, students - the future leaders

What are we doing?

"Building a solar-powered, sustainable house for the Indian middle class". Key factors established: a sustainable home for the growing middle class population

What do we want to achieve?

"Small team trying our best to change the way a country lives, answer to India's growing energy and housing problems." Key factors established: working for India's future, focus on crucial issues such as energy and housing, solving a problem of national importance

Why Campus Ambassador


Top performers will get Certificate of Excellence by HoD of Energy Science Dept, IIT Bombay & Tshirts of Team Shunya. Other will get Certificate of Organization.


An opportunity to enhance communication skills as you get to interact with other Campus Ambassador and students from your’s and other colleges.


Improve your social and management skills to organise workshops and events in your college in collaboration with Team Shunya



Be in constant touch with the Team Shunya and communicate with them frequently


Organise events & workshops in your college and other places with help of Team Shunya


Publicise Team Shunya's posts wherever possible (ex. College groups, Fb..)

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Certification of Organization as Campus Ambassador will be given only if he/she fulfills the necessary conditions and is deemed fit by the organisers.

  2. Any change in the reward scheme before or after the selection of the Ambassador is under the sole discretion of Team Shunya. However the changes would be notified to the Campus Ambassador at the earliest for their convenience.

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